Many of my photos are held in public institutions - Sydney City Archives, State Library NSW, National Library of Aust., Leichhardt Council, Goldcoast et al


SUBJECTS: Obviously - people!    When I asked at the National Library what topics they wanted, the reply was: "Oh, just, people - people doing -uh - what people do."   So these are my photos of just that.


GLEBE WATERFRONT:     Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay share a public path around the waterfront. It is used by dogs, bicycles, families with toddlers and babies, kids on sccoters, older ones on skateboards, exercise groups - and dogs, dogs, dogs. I have seen games of boules, slack line and tight rope walking, soccer, and surprisingly, couples dancing the tango.


THE BLOCK REDFERN: for months I went to The Block in the evenings and sat  with the groups sitting quietly drinking and chatting. People would come and go from the nearby Redfern Railway Station. I first asked permission to photograph, and would return with copies to give the subjects.   I found it very calming to just sit among these people.  I made no attempt to play the journalist and question anyone.   But some would speak to me of their experiences.   Perhaps the saddest was when I asked a woman where she was from.  Her reply was: 'I wish I knew'. 


Photos by Patricia Baillie

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