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The path around Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay is my evening stroll. I walk always with a camera, and here are some images I’ve selected. There are sights charming, wonderful, heartwarming and enviable. Dogs can be a hazard, speeding bicycles even more so.  Littlies might try to run you down on a mini scooter, but they are so delightful I really don’t mind. Young people and large extended families picnic in sociable groups. People run, exercise, or gently stroll. Adolescent boys on skateboards can be a danger  to themselves, as much as to others.  Look carefully at the first photo in  “What to do on the Path”.  Surprising was  the young man out for his evening stroll -  on his hands.  He told me  – (from upside down) that he is a gymnast. The most charming sight was  the tango dancers. See “Music on the Path’.  I’ll see you there some evening.